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Delta Provides Mori Art Museum in Japan with Advanced 8K Projection Technology to Showcase Artwork Created with AI

TOKYO, November 20th, 2019 – Delta Electronics announced its cooperation with the renowned Japanese art museum, Mori Art Museum, to provide Delta's leading 8K projection technology to showcase “Deep Meditation”, an audio-visual artwork created by the artist Memo Akten with deep learning artificial intelligence (AI). The museum unveiled the artwork at its “Future and the Arts” exhibition. Visitors ..>
October 2018
Delta Launches the World's First 8K 25,000-lumen DLP? Projector in Japan with a new 8K Projection Showroom in Akihabara to Nurture the 8K Value Chain

Delta launched the world's first 8K 25,000 lumen DLP? projector in Japan, along with Digital Projection International Ltd, an associate company of Delta and a global provider of high-caliber display solutions...>
October 2017
Delta's Founder Bruce Cheng Shares His Views on Low-Carbon Buildings and Transportation at the Closing Ceremony of EcoMobility World Congress 2017

Delta's founder Bruce Cheng addressed the closing ceremony of the EcoMobility World Congress 2017 with a speech titled "Climate Change Mitigation: Sustainability Development in Mobility"...>
March 2017
Delta's Superior Expertise in Developing Comprehensive Turn-Key Solutions for Green and Edge Computing Datacenters Fascinates CeBIT 2017

Delta announced its extensive portfolio of energy-efficient and smart Datacenter Infrastructure Solutions, already bolstering the creation of green datacenters and edge computing datacenters...>
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